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The end of an era… November 12, 2007

Posted by shell in RANDOM, THOUGHTS.
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Well before we post up our final outcome, we will each wrap this baby up… see the two below posts for Bec and Disti’s final thoughts and the entry entitled ‘Critical Analysis’ for Tash’s final thoughts.

Well… I have learnt an extraordinary amount throughout this project, it has really opened my eyes to the power of the media. Through all the books and articles read, and documentaries watched I have come to realise that we, KillerTofu, chose a very important and topical issue. At the beginning of the semester I was somewhat naive to the deceptive ways of the mass media, but now I feel I have the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about the information I receive on a daily basis from these conglomerates.

As for our rather ambitious social experiment, I am proud to say I was a part of it, we learnt a lot and had a heap of fun in the process… who knew four twenty-something chicks would have the nerve to vandalise city property and create totally false news headlines? The action day and night will not easily be forgotten, and is by far the most memorable uni moment I will take with me into the big bad world!!

A massive thank-you to the girls, Bec, Tash and Disti, once again we made a great team and got through it all without any dramas. We even managed to avoid pulling any all-nighters!! I will miss working with you all thats for sure.

Thanks to Nicki, Tony & Keith for their input and support throughout the semester, and apologies if we made you nervous with our naughty plans!

Well thats it from me, I will now post the final outcome up.

Cheers, Shell.


the last dance November 12, 2007

Posted by Bec in THOUGHTS.
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Well here we are! We finally made it.

We certainly ventured into unforeseen waters with this one for each of our personal design experiences im sure, definitely something that needs to continuously be challenged if not for design sake then to keep the lecturers on the edge of their seats! So it wasn’t ground breaking but we achieved our objective successfully and if we have made some form of difference to someone out there, then that’s more than we could have imagined to have achieved as the experience in itself was priceless!!! Michelle, keeping everything together ALL the time, Disti our technical support (who knew, your fabulous) and Tash the self proclaimed all rounder, the group dynamic worked so well! Thanks ladies for a fabulous year ūüôā

SIGNING OFF – tofubec or bectofu, whichever?

It’s a wrap! November 11, 2007

Posted by Disti in THOUGHTS.
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It has come to this point where we have to wrap this up, academically anyway. I personally feel that we have opened up a door and taken a few steps through it, and surely there’s still quite a bit left to explore.¬†

Project wise, this has been one of the biggest things i’ve done and i’m glad to have been a part of it! It has never occured to me at the beginning of the semester that this would run to this scale. A bit daunting at first, but as the project went along it really got very ‘real’, not only as a ‘mere’ student project.Other than getting heaps more insight on the matter that is the manipulation of truth, the experience gained from working together as killertofu has been absolutely GREAT! Kudo’s to everybody for keeping it up: shell for her ability to manage us all without driving us mental, bec for countless funny moments & comments, and tash for happily having us over at times when meeting up at uni just didn’t do it anymore!

¬†i’ll leave it at this before it gets any cheesier (harhar)


CRITICAL ANALYSIS November 4, 2007

Posted by natasha in PROCESS JOURNAL, THOUGHTS.
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Truth Manipulation.

There are two components here. The ‘truth’ and ‘manipulation’.

The truth can be interpreted in two ways: the facts and the belief. The facts consists of figures, datas, and solid scientific or result of experience, whereas belief usually considered as depending on one’s own judgment and notion. Some people say that you cannot have it both ways, but in the realty world is that, these two connotations are often go hand in hand, one derives from the other. Theories is a waste unless one truly believe in it and walk the talk. Belief can also become irrelevant if it ignores knowledge and understanding.

People often gets confused by what to belief in. We are constantly bombarded with information, news, current affairs and other things in between, everyday. In result, it has become very difficult to recognize what is the truth anymore. This is where the word ‘manipulation’ comes in. Progressively, we have developed into a sophisticated modern society, where everything that we need to know and what we want to know can be obtained at the press of a button. And that press of a button or a click of a mouse generates income.

People used to be interested in the truth. Not anymore. As one of our survey participant says, “Well, sometimes they just drill it on you, I try to watch non-mainstream media. Like ABC and SBS, sometimes it can get about tough though watching serious stuff like that all the time. Sometimes the truth is just too much to handle. I just want to go home and relax with a glass of wine when I get home. But it‚Äôs good that you guys are poking fun at it. It becomes more ‚Äėdigestable‚Äô.”

When we started this project, we assumed that the answer was plain evident in front of our eyes. Just blame the media moguls and their manipulative con artists and spin doctors. However, what we have found out is that they only presenting what the audience ‘want’ to see. Gossip tabloids and reality television flourished in this past decade. Hard facts and news are too complicated, too horrible and too bleak for us to receive. The world is too big and its problems are out of reach for us to answer. Also, maybe we have become too spoilt, in two ways: we live in a very comfortable country and we live in a global world where machine dominates the way we live and communicate to one another. Because of this, we seek things that stimulates our emotions. We want to be inspired and motivated, but on the darker side we also are more willing to act when something taps into our fear and anxiety.

The media and advertisers know this. This is why we respond well to tabloids, stories of everyday real-life heroes, celebrities gossips, reality tv and so on. We also responded to the Iraq War when 9/11 happened. Today, Americans have realized or even regretted the War, and blaming it all on Bush, but they forgot that it was their vote and voices that gave the government the seal of approval to fight the terrorist. Why? Because the problem have arrived at their ‘backyard’ and threatened things that are dear to them,their home and security. That’s funny, because the problem have been brewing for number of decades and no one did anything about it. It was to complicated and to far from their ‘world’. It was someone else’s problem not ours. This is the same as the genocide in Rwanda, and currently the problem in Darfur, the starving African children, the war in Burma, and the melting ice caps in Antartica. The problem is still far away.

Celebrities gossips, fashion stakes and local reality tvs all become more appealing, as they are more ‘accessible’ and ‘digestable’. They’re accessible because they are consumative, we can buy the clothes that these people wear, their lifestyle. By doing so we already feel as beautiful and important as they are. Our real self-worth ties to these materialistic goods, and we are ok with it. This why advertising can become so powerful. They taps into these emotive behaviour. Why beauty and lifestyle industry are booming? We are afraid to grow old, because the tabloids tell us no one wants us anymore when we are old and fat. What we forget is that celebrities are also just human, but what is out there are not real. But they master the use of Photoshop and techniques to manipulate or hide their flaws. So advertising taps into our fear and dream. Digestable, because, we don’t need to think much about it. We don’t have to be faced with ethics and moral dilemmas. Our principals and our belief would not be challenged and questioned. But reality tv in it self are not ‘real’. They are staged and carefully planned to produce the outcome that the producers desired. To generate more viewers, boost up the ratings, bringing in more money. In real life, we are meant to deal with issues, big and small. We cannot run away and shut our eyes from these issues.

However, with the same weapon we can also make a difference. We can make a change. We have seen it. Today’s youth are more pro active than any other generation before hand. No longer we are just marching down the street, shouting our contempt and dissatisfaction. People are actually going to the source of the problem and tackling it one step at a time. We found that people will respond as long that they realized that they too can take part in the solution. They become inspired and the problem becomes manageable. They realized that they too have a voice in the matter. They will act when they realized that it is important to protect their home and their ‘world’. And what’s better than doing it together, as the famous cliche says that ‘together we can make a difference’. But we often forget that ‘the change starts from us’. Maybe this is where the problem is. Maybe we don’t want to change. It is too hard to change. We are comfortable in our own zone. So, we accept what’s given to us on the silver plater or on the silver screen. Even though, subconsciously we know that this is not real, we are being dumbed down or everything is fabricated for our viewing pleasure. The truth is that we only want to accept what we want to believe in and we know this. So each night when we go home from work or at the end our day, and we go to sleep , hoping tomorrow will still be there, as long as our loved ones still there safely in their bed, our ‘world‘ is okay. Everything will be okay.

Media mogul boardgame October 1, 2007

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Media mogul boardgame


it exists!! from the looks of it, its a bit of an old game that’s been revamped in order to stay relevant. from the first link you can see caricatures(how does one spell this?!) of murdoch, richard branson and i think the other one is simon cowell.. quite the moguls. anyway we can test the game online. so to figure out how this thing actually works. might inspire.

this is how the old one looks like:


A Machiavellian game of media rivalry, Media Mogul thrusts players into the role of international tycoons seeking to spread their own operations over the globe.
Winning over audiences with your television, radio and newspaper media with quality content is a key element, but it won’t directly bring you victory. Lucrative advertising contracts are needed for you to profit from your media operations, but they bore and repel your audiences, requiring you to balance profit and sustainability at all times.

more details here

The boardgame September 24, 2007

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Just to follow up on the monopoly idea before i forget. is any of you are familiar with Robert T Kiyosaki? one of his most famous books are “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. anyway, he’s devised a game thats sposedly teaches you to get ‘out of the rat race’. its called cashflow 101.

iv never played it but some of my friends have they said its pretty good.
its available on an electronic and boardgame version.
so it can be actually used and is not just some gimmick.

Control September 13, 2007

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It’s all about control. The justice goes to the highest bidder. The credibility of the information that’s generated in the conventional media has indeed been tarnished. This is why mediums such as YouTube and Blogs can been seen as relatively ‘trustworthy’ in comparison.

So if it is the case, no wonder that there’s a decrease in the virtue of pursuing the truth. Our generation and the generations that’re yet to come¬†does not deserve to be¬†corrupted by the product of¬†the previous generations’ action. We owe¬†ourselves and our children the right knowledge to prepare them for decision making that may alter the course of history.¬†Indeed, for their own survivalbility.¬†For not doing so, we¬†greatly undermined¬†our own intelligence and potentials. We would be no more than just a cowed and imbecile race.

So maybe the question now would be, how do we counter attack the manipulation? Or how do we armed/defend ourselves? Because these informations forms the basis of our society, they alter perceptions, form minds and determine course of action. So if information can do the bad, it is also able to the good. Like a double edged sword.

But how do we make the good infomation relevant? How can we make it stand out from the crowd? As probe result conclude: today’s young generation is very savvy in terms of utilizing communcation mediums and more importantly, they are more selective in receiving information. Once the news/issue placed an importance in their lives, they are not afraid to pursue it. So maybe this question could be the key of our outcome. We must defined what is ‘good information’, maybe it is just simply as revealing the truth, maybe it is information that is beneficial to defend or even to counter attack the false. And then we must find a way to make it revelant as far as generating action from the audience. Then if the underlaying issue is about control. We just simply sell the promise to give back the control to them?

Part 3/10. History Channel: Blood Diamond August 27, 2007

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I only post part 3 on here, there are 10 in the series. Very eye opening.

Article XIX of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights August 27, 2007

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“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of all frontiers.”