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CRITICAL ANALYSIS November 4, 2007

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Truth Manipulation.

There are two components here. The ‘truth’ and ‘manipulation’.

The truth can be interpreted in two ways: the facts and the belief. The facts consists of figures, datas, and solid scientific or result of experience, whereas belief usually considered as depending on one’s own judgment and notion. Some people say that you cannot have it both ways, but in the realty world is that, these two connotations are often go hand in hand, one derives from the other. Theories is a waste unless one truly believe in it and walk the talk. Belief can also become irrelevant if it ignores knowledge and understanding.

People often gets confused by what to belief in. We are constantly bombarded with information, news, current affairs and other things in between, everyday. In result, it has become very difficult to recognize what is the truth anymore. This is where the word ‘manipulation’ comes in. Progressively, we have developed into a sophisticated modern society, where everything that we need to know and what we want to know can be obtained at the press of a button. And that press of a button or a click of a mouse generates income.

People used to be interested in the truth. Not anymore. As one of our survey participant says, “Well, sometimes they just drill it on you, I try to watch non-mainstream media. Like ABC and SBS, sometimes it can get about tough though watching serious stuff like that all the time. Sometimes the truth is just too much to handle. I just want to go home and relax with a glass of wine when I get home. But it’s good that you guys are poking fun at it. It becomes more ‘digestable’.”

When we started this project, we assumed that the answer was plain evident in front of our eyes. Just blame the media moguls and their manipulative con artists and spin doctors. However, what we have found out is that they only presenting what the audience ‘want’ to see. Gossip tabloids and reality television flourished in this past decade. Hard facts and news are too complicated, too horrible and too bleak for us to receive. The world is too big and its problems are out of reach for us to answer. Also, maybe we have become too spoilt, in two ways: we live in a very comfortable country and we live in a global world where machine dominates the way we live and communicate to one another. Because of this, we seek things that stimulates our emotions. We want to be inspired and motivated, but on the darker side we also are more willing to act when something taps into our fear and anxiety.

The media and advertisers know this. This is why we respond well to tabloids, stories of everyday real-life heroes, celebrities gossips, reality tv and so on. We also responded to the Iraq War when 9/11 happened. Today, Americans have realized or even regretted the War, and blaming it all on Bush, but they forgot that it was their vote and voices that gave the government the seal of approval to fight the terrorist. Why? Because the problem have arrived at their ‘backyard’ and threatened things that are dear to them,their home and security. That’s funny, because the problem have been brewing for number of decades and no one did anything about it. It was to complicated and to far from their ‘world’. It was someone else’s problem not ours. This is the same as the genocide in Rwanda, and currently the problem in Darfur, the starving African children, the war in Burma, and the melting ice caps in Antartica. The problem is still far away.

Celebrities gossips, fashion stakes and local reality tvs all become more appealing, as they are more ‘accessible’ and ‘digestable’. They’re accessible because they are consumative, we can buy the clothes that these people wear, their lifestyle. By doing so we already feel as beautiful and important as they are. Our real self-worth ties to these materialistic goods, and we are ok with it. This why advertising can become so powerful. They taps into these emotive behaviour. Why beauty and lifestyle industry are booming? We are afraid to grow old, because the tabloids tell us no one wants us anymore when we are old and fat. What we forget is that celebrities are also just human, but what is out there are not real. But they master the use of Photoshop and techniques to manipulate or hide their flaws. So advertising taps into our fear and dream. Digestable, because, we don’t need to think much about it. We don’t have to be faced with ethics and moral dilemmas. Our principals and our belief would not be challenged and questioned. But reality tv in it self are not ‘real’. They are staged and carefully planned to produce the outcome that the producers desired. To generate more viewers, boost up the ratings, bringing in more money. In real life, we are meant to deal with issues, big and small. We cannot run away and shut our eyes from these issues.

However, with the same weapon we can also make a difference. We can make a change. We have seen it. Today’s youth are more pro active than any other generation before hand. No longer we are just marching down the street, shouting our contempt and dissatisfaction. People are actually going to the source of the problem and tackling it one step at a time. We found that people will respond as long that they realized that they too can take part in the solution. They become inspired and the problem becomes manageable. They realized that they too have a voice in the matter. They will act when they realized that it is important to protect their home and their ‘world’. And what’s better than doing it together, as the famous cliche says that ‘together we can make a difference’. But we often forget that ‘the change starts from us’. Maybe this is where the problem is. Maybe we don’t want to change. It is too hard to change. We are comfortable in our own zone. So, we accept what’s given to us on the silver plater or on the silver screen. Even though, subconsciously we know that this is not real, we are being dumbed down or everything is fabricated for our viewing pleasure. The truth is that we only want to accept what we want to believe in and we know this. So each night when we go home from work or at the end our day, and we go to sleep , hoping tomorrow will still be there, as long as our loved ones still there safely in their bed, our ‘world‘ is okay. Everything will be okay.


Found this in the Age… October 25, 2007

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Very similar to ours and it is going to be displayed on trains as public art.

Takes a similar humorous approach as our ‘John So for PM’ headline.

WEBSITE October 22, 2007

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So.. the website is up and running in all its glory, so hit this link to check it out…


Oh, and please leave us a comment while you are there!!

NEW LOOK!! October 21, 2007

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I just realised that i haven’t given an update about this on the blog.The process was rather painful, due to a miscommunication/interpretation/feel-free-to- redefine the website was not up to scratch on its due date (thursday 18th) despite a 10 day work period. This lead to desperate measures, a change of webdesigner. One that I should have approached from the start, considerations only being that this person is located overseas and it would have been much easier to communicate with somebody locally. Since that fell apart fantastically with barely anything working, the task went to my original choice. As of today, the website is working with only a few images missing (our ‘action shots’ which will be added in a few days). because the old layout didn’t work with the new template, a few changes have been applied. For the better.I am really sorry for the headaches i’ve caused the other girls because of this, and be rest assured that i have had my lesson learned about leaving things to the professionals no matter where they are located!! a couple of screenshots:   01-intro.png 04-action.png 02-about.png03-work.png 05-survey.png

Action Day & Night (Social Experiment) October 21, 2007

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We have now conducted our social experiment (also our third research method).

Last week we pasted up our false news headlines in a busy melbourne street (over night of course!) as well as plastering stickers around the location directing people to our website (see link below). Many thanks to the friends who helped us out with this task, it is much appreciated.

The following day we returned to the location to observe and interview members of the public viewing and interacting with our posters. In addition, we placed several more news headlines into ‘cages’ (used by newsagencies and stands) and placed them outside a bust train station to determine peoples responses. We found that many members of the public did stop and look at the cages, and that some believed them to be true. Others claimed that they wished some of the more serious headlines were true (‘Australia signs Kyoto Protocol’ and ‘Australia withdraws all troops from Iraq’). The issue we chose to cover are very topical, and generated interest despite the untrue nature.

Following this (and a spot of shopping and lunch!) we managed to ‘borrow’ 300 newspapers and insert our own fabricated articles in them. We proceeded to hand these out to unsuspecting members of the public. The inserts contained a link to our website, and the hope is that at lease some of those people who read the article will go online and complete the survey.

More results to follow.

Hit the website


For more information and to take part in the survey.

Photo Journal October 21, 2007

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Please see the link (right) to our Flickr photo journal for visual documentary of our action night and day held last week.

Truth Manipulation Website October 16, 2007

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Link to our website outcome

Its a work in progress, stay tuned for further developments and corrections



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about1.jpgwork1.jpgin-action.jpg the survey page is yet to be designed.but it’ll be pretty similar. 

Howard, Gore & Kyoto October 14, 2007

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So… Howard has seen an inconvenient truth… interesting.
Still no signs of ratifying Kyoto though….

Howard cool on Gore’s big prize

Frank Walker
October 14, 2007

PRIME Minister John Howard yesterday dismissed the significance of Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his work highlighting climate change, declaring that no one had a monopoly on wisdom.

Mr Howard congratulated Mr Gore on winning the prize but said it would not make him rethink his refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

“The point has to be made that nobody has a monopoly of wisdom on this subject,” Mr Howard said.

“It is very important when you are dealing with something like the environment not to get carried away with any one individual. Everyone makes mistakes, and there is a danger that we create an aura around individuals that is not deserved,” he said.

He refused to say whether he thought Mr Gore deserved the prestigious award, but said he watched Mr Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth several months ago.

“There were some parts of it I thought were impressive and other parts I didn’t think were so impressive,” Mr Howard said. “Like all of these things, the real truth lies somewhere in the middle.

“I don’t think the world will come to an end tomorrow because of climate change, but I do believe the climate is changing and I do believe mankind has made a contribution.

“We have to take sensible steps that don’t damage our economy. I am not going to commit Australia to things that put us at a competitive disadvantage.”

Mr Howard was speaking in Sydney’s Meadowbank, part of his Bennelong electorate, which he holds by a margin of just 4.1 per cent over Labor candidate Maxine McKew. He announced he would fund a $1.4 million stormwater recycling project for parks in Meadowbank and Ryde.

He refused to say when he would call the election, with rumours rife that it will be today. If not, parliament is due to sit this week.

With opinion polls showing the Government is heading for a landslide loss, Mr Howard has nothing to lose in using a last week of Parliament to try and trip up Labor leader Kevin Rudd.

But yesterday Mr Rudd had Mr Howard on the back foot when he announced Labor would fund a $50 million cancer research project at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

“I welcome Mr Rudd’s commitment to cancer research,” Mr Howard said, adding that the Government had invested heavily in cancer research and he would make more commitments in the weeks ahead.

This story was found at: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2007/10/13/1191696241395.html

Britney Article October 14, 2007

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Found an age article about Britney…
Uses similar title to our fabricated one (as in it contains one of her song titles)

Here’s hoping she doesn’t get knocked up before thursday!!

Little It-girl lost: Britney hits us one more time
October 14, 2007

A new album may help Spears get her career and life back on track, reports Michelle Griffin.

IT’S been the year of living dangerously for Britney Spears, but this week is her best and possibly last chance to save her career and family life.

On Friday, she reappears in the family court to appeal against the decision to award full custody of her two sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline.

On Saturday, her fifth album, Blackout, is released worldwide. Early reports of the album are favourable. Certainly her first single, Gimme More, is getting good airplay on commercial radio (it’s No.23 on the Australian radio rotation charts) and is No.3 on the ARIA download charts.

And just like her rival and antithesis Kylie Minogue, Britney’s new release has been preceded by unauthorised tracks uploaded on to the internet, building buzz for the real thing.

The lawsuit Spears’ record company Zomp has just launched against high-profile gossip blogger Perez Hilton for leaking the tracks also keeps the release newsworthy.

But pop songs are not what Spears is famous for any more. She’s become the poster girl for the Too Much Information age.

“I have a hit list of 10 LA It-girls that I want to photograph and at the very top of that list is Britney Spears,” Twist, a snapper for agency X17 told UK newspaper the Observer last week. “She’s the major story in this town. All the trouble she’s gone through, all the bad publicity … if anything, that just makes her hotter right now. Britney sells.”

She also delivers. Almost every week delivers a fresh update from the 25-year-old’s meltdown, from last November’s crotch flash to the painful head-shaving scenes in February to the disastrous stumble through the MTV video awards.

Spears seemed to have her act together, albeit briefly, when she appeared on David Letterman’s talk show on November 6 last year: she was slick, slim and groomed.

The next day, she filed for divorce from Federline, the wannabe rapper widely blamed for Spears’ decline from saucy to trashy. It looked as if the pop star had dispensed with her late-onset teenage rebellion along with her starter marriage and was ready to get back to work.

But that was only a couple of weeks before she got out of a car with her mini-dress hiked so high the paparazzi could get a shot of her caesarean scar.

It was the clearest sign yet that the once-virginal pop princess, whose image was tightly controlled from the age of 11 to 22, had stopped bothering to keep up appearances.

Perhaps if she were not famous, Spears would still be partying too hard and posting embarrassing pictures on Facebook. Instead, a swarm of photographers provide her audience with continual status updates.

“The 20s are the time in your life for making mistakes,” says Jess McGuire, Australian editor of Hollywood gossip blog Defamer. “She has to make them in public. These days, before you’ve got your hangover, you’ve been loaded onto YouTube.”

Britney is without doubt the biggest star on YouTube, which has 159,000 clips related to the wayward star — far more than any of the other girls gone wild, such as Lindsay Lohan.

If you click on YouTube’s most-watched videos for the week, the month or even of all time, you’ll find plenty of Britney: on talk shows, in music videos, stumbling out of nightclubs. It was the Britney factor that made a celeb of tear-stained fan Chris Crocker. He’d posted 60 rants on YouTube, but “Leave Britney Alone” scored him a reality TV deal.

It also suggested that Britney still commands the kind of public sympathy that, say, Paris Hilton doesn’t.

Women scorn Hilton, but fret for Spears, the archetypal lost girl, genuinely pathetic.

Stories of Spears pasting photographs of her cronies in a photo album labelled “My New Friends” are as sad as her public appearances in stripper outfits.

“The exhibitionism I think partly comes from her desperation to be thought attractive,” a music industry acquaintance told the Observer.

“She’s been taught her whole life to use her sexuality as a marketing tool so she goes out without wearing underwear and flashes to the paparazzi, almost as self-affirmation.”

But there are signs that while the private Spears is a mess, well-drilled showgirl Britney still knows how to work it.

A pop star who always picked the right collaborators, she’s worked with some of dance music’s edgiest producers on her latest album. Gimme More, the first single, opens with the announcement: “It’s Britney, bitch.” Another track, Piece of Me, is addressed to her constant companions, the photographers: self-justification you can dance to, apparently.

Her reputation was already on the rails in 2003 when she came out with Toxic, the hypnotic electronic paean to everything that was bad for her. Maybe she can do it again.

If there’s anything the modern celebrity machine loves more than a tabloid trainwreck, it’s a comeback. Next weekend, we find out if Britney can.

This story was found at: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2007/10/13/1191696232523.html