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The end of an era… November 12, 2007

Posted by shell in RANDOM, THOUGHTS.

Well before we post up our final outcome, we will each wrap this baby up… see the two below posts for Bec and Disti’s final thoughts and the entry entitled ‘Critical Analysis’ for Tash’s final thoughts.

Well… I have learnt an extraordinary amount throughout this project, it has really opened my eyes to the power of the media. Through all the books and articles read, and documentaries watched I have come to realise that we, KillerTofu, chose a very important and topical issue. At the beginning of the semester I was somewhat naive to the deceptive ways of the mass media, but now I feel I have the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about the information I receive on a daily basis from these conglomerates.

As for our rather ambitious social experiment, I am proud to say I was a part of it, we learnt a lot and had a heap of fun in the process… who knew four twenty-something chicks would have the nerve to vandalise city property and create totally false news headlines? The action day and night will not easily be forgotten, and is by far the most memorable uni moment I will take with me into the big bad world!!

A massive thank-you to the girls, Bec, Tash and Disti, once again we made a great team and got through it all without any dramas. We even managed to avoid pulling any all-nighters!! I will miss working with you all thats for sure.

Thanks to Nicki, Tony & Keith for their input and support throughout the semester, and apologies if we made you nervous with our naughty plans!

Well thats it from me, I will now post the final outcome up.

Cheers, Shell.



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