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NEW LOOK!! October 21, 2007


I just realised that i haven’t given an update about this on the blog.The process was rather painful, due to a miscommunication/interpretation/feel-free-to- redefine the website was not up to scratch on its due date (thursday 18th) despite a 10 day work period. This lead to desperate measures, a change of webdesigner. One that I should have approached from the start, considerations only being that this person is located overseas and it would have been much easier to communicate with somebody locally. Since that fell apart fantastically with barely anything working, the task went to my original choice. As of today, the website is working with only a few images missing (our ‘action shots’ which will be added in a few days). because the old layout didn’t work with the new template, a few changes have been applied. For the better.I am really sorry for the headaches i’ve caused the other girls because of this, and be rest assured that i have had my lesson learned about leaving things to the professionals no matter where they are located!! a couple of screenshots:   01-intro.png 04-action.png 02-about.png03-work.png 05-survey.png



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