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Action Day & Night (Social Experiment) October 21, 2007


We have now conducted our social experiment (also our third research method).

Last week we pasted up our false news headlines in a busy melbourne street (over night of course!) as well as plastering stickers around the location directing people to our website (see link below). Many thanks to the friends who helped us out with this task, it is much appreciated.

The following day we returned to the location to observe and interview members of the public viewing and interacting with our posters. In addition, we placed several more news headlines into ‘cages’ (used by newsagencies and stands) and placed them outside a bust train station to determine peoples responses. We found that many members of the public did stop and look at the cages, and that some believed them to be true. Others claimed that they wished some of the more serious headlines were true (‘Australia signs Kyoto Protocol’ and ‘Australia withdraws all troops from Iraq’). The issue we chose to cover are very topical, and generated interest despite the untrue nature.

Following this (and a spot of shopping and lunch!) we managed to ‘borrow’ 300 newspapers and insert our own fabricated articles in them. We proceeded to hand these out to unsuspecting members of the public. The inserts contained a link to our website, and the hope is that at lease some of those people who read the article will go online and complete the survey.

More results to follow.

Hit the website


For more information and to take part in the survey.



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