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Project Direction: Truth Manipulation October 7, 2007

Posted by shell in PROCESS JOURNAL.


We (KillerTofu) have decided that the best way to communicate or message and educate the public about media truth manipulation is for us to create havoc!!

Our plan is to create false (yet believable) news headlines to determine if melbourne citizens will believe then just because they will be presented in a media format.

We will be creating news posters similar to these:


The created posters will then be placed in cages and also pasted up in a (undisclosed) melbourne street.
Here is a mock up of one of our fabricated headline posters:


Complimenting the posters, an insert will be created and placed into several hundred copies of the free afternoon newspaper mX:


The inserts will take the form of an extra page of the newspaper and will contain completely false articles under the same headlines as the posters. When people pick up a copy of the newspaper hopefully they will read our stories and be fooled.

We will be branding the mission ‘Truth manipulators’ and creating stickers to be stuck over current media advertising. This will point out to the public the means the media will go to in order to sway opinions to align with their own agendas.

All of the generated outcomes will lead to a website where members of the community, who have read our headlines, will be able to learn about truth manipulation.

The aim of the outcome is to educate, generate conversation and hopefully get the public to think more about the information they are receiving from the media.

Keep your eye on this blog for further updates! Cheers, the truth manipulators!



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