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Media mogul boardgame October 1, 2007

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Media mogul boardgame


it exists!! from the looks of it, its a bit of an old game that’s been revamped in order to stay relevant. from the first link you can see caricatures(how does one spell this?!) of murdoch, richard branson and i think the other one is simon cowell.. quite the moguls. anyway we can test the game online. so to figure out how this thing actually works. might inspire.

this is how the old one looks like:


A Machiavellian game of media rivalry, Media Mogul thrusts players into the role of international tycoons seeking to spread their own operations over the globe.
Winning over audiences with your television, radio and newspaper media with quality content is a key element, but it won’t directly bring you victory. Lucrative advertising contracts are needed for you to profit from your media operations, but they bore and repel your audiences, requiring you to balance profit and sustainability at all times.

more details here



1. exsmoker - October 1, 2007

Hello All,

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