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the corporation September 16, 2007

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Just a few pointers from the doco.
Not all. just very few.

“The eagle, soaring, clear-eyed, competitive, prepared to strike, but not a vulture. Noble, visionary, majestic, that people can believe in and be inspired by, that creates such a lift that it soars. I can see that being a good logo for the principled company. Okay, guys, enough bullshit.” Ira Jackson, Director, Center for Business & Government, Kennedy School at Harvard

“The word corporate gets attached in almost, you know, in a pejorative sense to and gets married with the word “a-gen-da.” And one hears a lot about the corporate a-gen-da as though it is evil, as though it is an agenda, which is trying to take over the world. Personally, I don’t use the word “corporation.” I use the word “business.” I will use the word… use the word “company.” I will use the words “business community” because I think that is a much fairer representation than zeroing in on just this word “corporation.” Robert Keyes

“I’ve got to be honest with you. When the September 11th situation happened, and I must say, and I wanna say this because I don’t want to take it lightly. It’s not a light situation. It was a devastating act. It was really a bad thing. It was one of the worst things I’ve seen in my lifetime, you know. But, I will tell you and every trade will tell you, who was not in that building and who was buying gold and who owned gold and silver, that when it happened, the first thing you thought about was, “well, how much is gold up?” The first thing that came to mind was, “my God, gold must be exploding”. Fortunately, for us, all our clients were in gold. So when it went up they all doubled their money. Everybody doubled their money. It was a blessing in disguise. Devastating, crushing, heart shattering, but on the financial sense, for my clients that were in the market, they all made money. Now, I wasn’t looking for this type of help, but it happened. When the USA bombed Iraq back in 1991 the price of oil went from $13 to £40 a barrel, for cying out loud! Now, we couldn’t wait for the bombs to start raining down on Saddam Hussein. We were all excited. We wanted Saddam to really create problems. “Do whatever you have to do, set fire to some more oil wells, because the price is going to go higher.” Every broker was chanting that. There was not a broker that I know of that wasn’t excited about that. This was a disaster. This was something that was, you know, catastrophe happening. Bombing. Wars. In devastation there is opportunity. ” Carlton Brown

In a world economy where information is filtered by global media corporations keenly attuned to their powerful advertisers, who will defend the public’s right to know? And what price must be paid to preserve our ability to make informed choices?

case study> The Investigators (Fox Television). The reporters were told do “just do any story you want. ask tough questions and get answers.”
First story investigated was about the revelation that most of the milk in the state of Florida and throughout most of the country was adulterated with the effects of bovine growth hormone, a product called Prosilac produced by Monsanto. There has been extensive media coverage to announce this to the public. approved by the FDA. research in an independent search committee in Canada found that it did not comply with safety requirements for consumption. The hormones could still be absorbed by the body and therefore can still have implications on human health, other studies linking it to cancer. This result was witheld from the official FDA report. THe story was ready to air with ads already bought. A week before it aired, the studio got faxed by a lawyer representing Monsanto to pull the story off the air. Fox didnt air the show, afraid of getting sued and losing advertising dollars. All of the stations are owned by Rupert Murdoch, owner of 22 television stations in the US.



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