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Control September 13, 2007


It’s all about control. The justice goes to the highest bidder. The credibility of the information that’s generated in the conventional media has indeed been tarnished. This is why mediums such as YouTube and Blogs can been seen as relatively ‘trustworthy’ in comparison.

So if it is the case, no wonder that there’s a decrease in the virtue of pursuing the truth. Our generation and the generations that’re yet to come does not deserve to be corrupted by the product of the previous generations’ action. We owe ourselves and our children the right knowledge to prepare them for decision making that may alter the course of history. Indeed, for their own survivalbility. For not doing so, we greatly undermined our own intelligence and potentials. We would be no more than just a cowed and imbecile race.

So maybe the question now would be, how do we counter attack the manipulation? Or how do we armed/defend ourselves? Because these informations forms the basis of our society, they alter perceptions, form minds and determine course of action. So if information can do the bad, it is also able to the good. Like a double edged sword.

But how do we make the good infomation relevant? How can we make it stand out from the crowd? As probe result conclude: today’s young generation is very savvy in terms of utilizing communcation mediums and more importantly, they are more selective in receiving information. Once the news/issue placed an importance in their lives, they are not afraid to pursue it. So maybe this question could be the key of our outcome. We must defined what is ‘good information’, maybe it is just simply as revealing the truth, maybe it is information that is beneficial to defend or even to counter attack the false. And then we must find a way to make it revelant as far as generating action from the audience. Then if the underlaying issue is about control. We just simply sell the promise to give back the control to them?



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