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PEER REVIEW RESULTS September 10, 2007

Posted by Disti in PROBES RESULTS.


Q1. Were the individual activities uniquely different from one another? Y/N
Q2. Were the instruction cards self-explanatory? Y/N
Q3. Did you have all of the equipment needed in your pack to fulfill each of the activities? Y/N
Q4. When reflecting over your responses were you in anyway surprised with yourself? Y/N
Q5. Did you tailor any of your responses according to what you perceived to be the desired result? Y/N
Q6. What did you learn from undertaking any of these activities…
Q7. How much time did you spend on the probes? …

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1. kate odgers - September 12, 2007

I was one of the participants in the probe activity.

The kit took me while to complete, but it was fun.

My favorite tasks were the blank CD and the word association flashcards.

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